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We offer conflict-free advice, workshops, and presentations tailored for select audiences. Contact us to simplify your financial challenges with expert solutions.

Michael Taylor

Lead consultant at Cedarcrest Consulting

For every client, in every case, our goal is to clarify what seems opaque, to strip down financial conundrums to the essential questions and solutions, and to bring clarity and therefore action to what previously seemed convoluted and stuck.

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What our clients say

“Michael Taylor answered my financial questions in a totally down-to-earth way and gave me unbiased, practical direction for my finances.”

Anna Ochoa, San Antonio, TX.

“My wife and I have consulted with Michael periodically for a couple of years now, believing he could assist us in making more prudent long-term financial investments. His advice and suggestions have been very helpful. We continue to periodically seek his advice and have shared his writings with others in our family.”

Lawrence and Cathy Mann, San Antonio, TX
“Michael helped the Galveston Wharves Board analyze investment fees for its 90+ workers. Using his analysis, we were able to get all future fees waived. I believe Michael’s work saved our pension plan and our workers several hundred thousand dollars over the coming years.”
Elizabeth Beeton, Galveston Wharves Board Member, Galveston, TX
“I appreciated his knowledge, but also his honesty and the fact that he was not selling anything. I also appreciate that our [school] district brought him in to talk with us.”
Participant from workshop